About Us

Ralph E. Rockey started a lawnmower repair business in 1938 in a big red barn among a grove of maple trees. Not liking to pay the price of original equipment parts, he had a local tool and die worker make the parts he needed. Then he figured out that if he had extra parts made, he could sell them and recap some of his original cost. Thus Maple Grove Distributing began. He drove around the state in an old van and sold his goods.

In 1992, Terry Finley purchased the business. Mr. Rockey remained a good friend until his death in 1995. Two additional warehouses have been constructed for storage purposes on the thirty acres.

As a distributor, we ship parts all over the continent of the United States to dealers who resale to the general public or who use our parts in their line of business. We also sell to technical schools, high schools with vocational classes, and maintenance departments in correctional institutes, government complexes, and colleges.